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Yoglates II, Baton Rouge’s newest, largest and hottest (literally!) yoga studio opened its doors on August 8th, 2009.  We are located at 3753 Perkins Road, Suite A, the small retail center next to Juban’s restaurant on the other side of the fence (Directly behind the Golden Needle).  Come check out our 3100 square foot facility which includes showers, locker rooms, and “the hall of tranquility.”
Yoglates is a combination of calisthenics, yoga, and pilates originally created by certified personal trainer Don Yesso. Yoglates is a series of movements derived from these different styles to give a complete cardiovascular, strength, stretching and balancing workout. These poses and movements..."Yoglates" are designed to work the lymphatic as well as the internal organs of the body in combination with the skeletal and muscular structure of the entire physique.

Our workouts are one hour in duration (except for the 5:45 am, which is a 45-minute, fast-paced, high powered workout) and are all performed in a heated room.  The heat not only elevates the heart rate, which provides cardiovascular benefits, but the muscles become more pliable and are less likely to pull or become injured. The heat also allows the exerciser to hold the poses for a longer period of time.
No where else will you be able to find a ONE hour workout that is equivalent to
     a.) 60 minutes of resistance training,
     b.) 60 minutes of cardiovascular training, and
     c.) 60 minutes of stretching. 

This is, quite simply, the single most effective use of one’s time for anybody wanting the total body workout.
We offer different packages which are customized to fit your lifestyle, but NO CONTRACTS!  Come when you want.  Pay as you go.
Not only will you get the best workout in town, you may also purchase yoga mats, bags, towels, and clothing, including Manduka products and WePilates clothing.
 As the owners of Yoglates II, Lorilin Braymer and Susan Marchand are proud to be able to offer you the same workouts that Don has designed and continues to create for their members.


3753 Perkins Rd., Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA  70808